Suspicious Sessions

An overview of the Suspicious Sessions page.

The Suspicious Sessions page provides a list of suspicious users who have recently visited your website.

By default, this page only lists sessions that have a score below 200. To adjust this threshold, use the Valid vs. Suspicious Sessions slider in Settings.

Suspicion vs. order risk

A user's level of suspicion is separate from an order's risk level. All user sessions are scored for suspicion. Only customers who complete the checkout process are assigned an order risk. However, a user who places an order will receive one score for both their order and their session. Users can be suspicious even if they don't place an order.

Page elements

  1. The date selector - Choose the time frame for the data that appears.
  2. The data filter - Filter results by individual attributes. By default, this filter shows all the sessions that have a score below your suspicious sessions threshold.
  3. Sessions map - Shows the number of suspicious user sessions by location.
  4. Session details - Lists individual user sessions in a specified time frame. To add or remove data, use Customize Columns.