Our score

We assign one, comprehensive score to each user who visits your website and every order that they place. This score is a number between 0 and 1000. Higher scores are more trustworthy and lower scores are more suspicious. We track over 170 unique attributes to calculate a user's score, starting with their first interaction with your website. We follow each user through their browsing and checkout process. Positive user attributes raise their score, negative attributes and risk factors lower it.

This score also determines each order's NS8 Risk. It's less likely that an order with a high score is fraud. To customize your risk thresholds, go to Settings. An order's risk level can change over time, but the order's score stays the same throughout the order workflow.


We score all interactions with your website, including users who don't make a purchase. If a user does make a purchase, their user score and their order score is the same.