Campaign Referrers

Set up campaign referrers.

Typically, we use campaign identifiers from UTM codes to track your advertising campaigns. If your referring URLs do not have UTM data, use the Campaign Referrers page to manage traffic overrides to track referrers in the NS8 platform.

Campaign referrers go into effect after you save your changes. They will not affect previous data.

In the Referrer field, enter your campaign URL. All traffic from this URL will be associated with the campaign that you choose. For example, if you create a campaign called Bluth2019 with the referrer, traffic that's directed to your site from this URL is counted in the Bluth2019 campaign.

In the Campaign field, enter a unique name for your campaign. Make sure to avoid a naming conflict with other campaign identifiers or campaign referrers. To save your changes, select Save new assignment. To remove a campaign referrer, next to the item you want to remove, select Delete.