Campaign Identifiers

Use UTM codes to set up campaign identifiers.

The Campaign Identifiers page lets you choose the UTM codes that we'll track. A UTM code is the string of text at the end of a URL an advertising campaign created. The information after each UTM code tells you an ad's source, medium, and campaign. By tracking UTM codes, we can analyze the traffic to your site that's referred by your campaigns.

We automatically track the utm_source and utm_campaign UTM codes.

Manage campaign identifiers

  1. To track more campaign identifiers, enter the name of your UTM code, and then select +Add to List.
  2. To avoid confusion with other campaign identifiers or campaign referrers, choose a unique name for each identifier. You can track up to 100 campaign identifiers.
  3. To remove a campaign identifier, select the X next to the item that you want to delete.
  4. To save your changes, select Update campaign identifiers.