Set up performance monitoring contacts.

You can tell us who to notify if there's a performance monitoring alert. You can create multiple contacts and have them notified at the same time or stagger the alert times to escalate an issue after a specific amount of time has passed.

Manage contacts

  • To add a new contact, select Create Contact.
  • To update an existing contact, select Edit.
  • To remove a contact, select Delete.
  • To send a test alert to a contact, select Test.
  • For a list of your contacts, go to the Contacts page.

When you add or change a contact, a dialog box appears. You can include multiple email addresses and phone numbers for each contact. Note: Each contact must have at least one email address or one phone number.

  • Name: Your contact's name. You can create two contacts for the same person to control which alerts are sent by text message and which alerts are sent by email. To do this, name each contact based on the recipient and alert type. For example, George Bluth email or George Bluth phone.
  • Email(s): Your contact's email address. You can enter more than one email address for the same contact. 
  • SMS Number(s): Your contact's phone number. You may enter more than one phone number for the same contact. Make sure that the number you enter can receive text messages.
  • When to Alert: Determine who you want to alert and when. You can have your contacts notified about issues immediately or only after a specific amount of downtime. Downtime can be useful for escalating issues if enough time has passed without resolution. For example, you might want your help desk notified immediately, but only notify a manager after 15 minutes.

To save your changes, select OK. To discard changes, select Cancel.