An overview of our performance and reputation monitors.

The Monitors page provides the status of five performance and reputation monitors. These monitors track several aspects of your website that indicate site health.

Manage monitors

  • To turn each monitor on or off, select Enabled.
  • To test the status of a monitor, select Run Test
    • From the menu, choose a global station, and select Run. Testing the same monitor from multiple servers can help you measure your site performance around the world.
  • To edit a monitor, select Edit.

You can change:

  • The name of each monitor.
  • The contacts who you want to be alerted if a monitor fails.
  • The stations from which tests are run.

Individual monitors have additional settings based on their specific uses.

Certificate Validity

This monitor checks the status of your site certificate. If there are issues with your certificate like a domain mismatch, expired credentials, or obsolete technology, we'll notify your contact as soon as possible.

You can also set an alert, so you're notified a specific number of days before your certificate expires. To do this, select Edit. In the Alert Days Prior field, enter the number of days.

Domain Blocklist

This monitor checks searches several prominent blocklists to find out if your website has been added. Website domains can be added to a blocklist if they receive a certain number of complaints or appear in emails that are marked as spam. However, spam algorithms can unknowingly trap genuine websites and prevent your emails from being delivered.

Global Performance

This monitor tracks how long it takes for your website to load. Excessive loading times can make your website hard to use for customers and drive them away. We track your website performance from dozens of stations globally and let you know if you're having issues in specific parts of the world.

To adjust your target page load time, select Edit. In the Alert Threshold field, enter the amount of time (milliseconds) in which you want your website to load. If your website takes longer than the time you provided, we’ll notify you.

Google Safe Browsing

This monitor checks to see if your site has been flagged by Google Safe Browsing. Google Safe Browsing warns users about websites that host malware or run phishing schemes. If your website has been flagged, your security may have been compromised.

Website Content Match

This monitor looks for a keyword or phrase on your website and alerts you if it doesn't appear. This helps to make sure that the page's content has not been changed without your knowledge or taken over by fraudsters. For example, if your website sells coffee mugs, you can look for coffee or mug.

To change your target word or phrase, select Edit. In the Match Phrase field, enter the word or phrase.