Migration checklist

Important considerations for upgrading from v1.0 to v2.0.

Before you upgrade to NS8 v2.0, take these steps to make sure that the platform continues to function as intended.

1. Check NS8 Risk for orders (score)

NS8 v1.0 categorized orders as valid or suspicious, v2.0 designates orders as High, Medium, or Low risk based on their score. To customize the thresholds for these risk levels go to Settings.

Additionally, v2.0 no longer approves low-risk orders by default. NS8 v1.0 automatically approved any order above the valid threshold. NS8 v2.0 holds all orders in Merchant Review unless you approve it, cancel it, or use an order rule. To continue automatically fulfilling orders that meet certain criteria, create an order rule.

2. Check customer verification

Formerly known as SMS Verification, NS8 v2.0's upgraded customer verification feature gives you more customization. On the Settings page, you can change what happens when customer verification passes or fails. You can also customize the email that your customers receive when the verification process starts.

Additionally, you can use order rules to turn on customer verification. Instead of turning the process on and off, you can build custom order rules to automate it. You can also manually start customer verification for individual orders.

3. Check order rules

In addition to updating your order rules to reflect changes to the way that NS8 v2.0 handles order automation and customer verification, make sure your existing order rules still function as intended. We hope that the new order rules page will make it easier to offload time-consuming tasks and maximize your success.

For questions about migrating to NS8 v2.0, use Live support to contact us.