Ekata Identity Check

Use our Ekata integration.

Ekata Identity Check is an extension that provides more information about the customers who place orders through your store. Ekata compiles customer information from over 170 countries to validate names, addresses, and other personal information. Then, it returns a score based on the probability of fraud.


This extension is only available with the full version of NS8. Using Ekata can incur additional usage charges. For more information, view your billing plan.

How it works

Ekata looks for anomalies in a customer’s order by comparing their name, phone number, address, and email against an existing knowledge base. Based on a customer's risk level, Ekata returns a confidence score. If a customer provides information that appears suspicious, Ekata will make a note of it.

When you use Ekata Identity Check, you'll receive a confidence score and detailed information about each customer in seconds. By confirming customers’ identities with a trusted source, you can approve more orders in less time and reduce the labor of manual review.

When Ekata Identity Check examines an order, it returns a risk score between 0 and 500. Customers with reliable personal information receive scores closer to 0. Customers with potentially fraudulent information receive scores closer to 500. Issues that can contribute to a high score include disposable email addresses and phone numbers, drop shipping and freight forwarding addresses, or shipping and billing addresses that aren't the same as a customer’s previous records. For information about the factors that contribute to an order’s score, go to order review.

Use Ekata in the NS8 platform

We offer two Ekata Identity Check plans: Ekata Free and Ekata Pro. Each plan offers its own set of features. However, both plans produce the same scores and use the same scoring criteria. The accuracy of an order’s Ekata score does not vary between plans.

On the Ekata Free plan, you can run manual checks on orders and view a limited number of data points that contributed to an order’s Ekata score.

On the Ekata Pro plan, you can run manual checks on orders and view the full range of data points that contributed to an order’s Ekata score. You can also run automated Ekata checks based on custom criteria and use the automated Ekata scores as an order rule condition in the NS8 platform.

Run a manual Identity Check

To manually run an Identity Check on a customer, on the order's review page, select Run Ekata Free or Run Ekata Pro. With the Ekata Free plan, you can only run a free check.

Both checks return an Ekata score and details about the factors behind that score. However, certain data points are only available for Pro checks. With Ekata Pro, you can upgrade a Free check to a Pro check for more data points without affecting the order’s Ekata score. For more information, go to the Identity Check details section.

Automate Identity Checks

Note: You can only automate Identity Checks with Ekata Pro.

To automatically run a Pro check on all orders within a designated risk score range, set custom thresholds in settings. Orders that have an extremely high or extremely low NS8 score probably don't need an Identity Check. Select the range that's best for your needs and security level.

If you turn automated Identity Checks off, you can still run manual Identity Checks on the Order Review page. 

You can use order rules to create custom Identity Check workflows. If an order has already gone through an automated Identity Check, you can use the Ekata score as an order rule condition. For orders that haven't had an automated Identity Check, select Run Ekata Identity Check as an order rule action. Order rules will always run an Ekata Pro check.

Identity Check details

To view the details of an order’s Identity Check, go to the Order Review page. Details include a score between 0 and 500, a letter grade, and the positive and negative signals that contributed to the Ekata score.

Some positive and negative signals are only available for Pro checks. To upgrade an Ekata Free check to a Pro check, select Run Ekata Pro.

Ekata results tab

To view more details about a customer’s Ekata score, on the Order Review page, select Ekata. These details are sorted into five sections: Billing Data, Shipping Data, Email Data, Phone Data, and IP Data. Each section shows several data points about that customer, including the validity of their email and phone number, estimated age, and address type.

Some data points are only available for Ekata Pro checks.