Billing and privacy

For copies of your invoices, email [email protected] or call us at 888-453-5291.

Billing information

We offer the NS8 platform as a pay-as-you-go service. Pricing is based on your store’s traffic with no additional service or maintenance fees. We determine your price based on which edition of NS8 you're using and the amount of traffic that your site receives each month. Traffic is the combined total number of page views and orders in one month. If your storefront experiences peak traffic for any reason, our flexible pricing will accommodate your needs.

We have two different editions: NS8 and NS8 Starter. Both versions provide the same core functionality to fight against ad fraud, order fraud, and poor site performance. NS8 Starter is a basic version that's better for smaller businesses. Some additional features, like extensions, are only available in the full version of NS8.

Privacy policy

We take privacy and compliance very seriously. We've put a lot of effort into protecting your data and the customer data that you give us. If you have specific concerns about our policies, please review our Privacy Notice.

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