Google Analytics

An overview of Google Analytics.

To exclude low-scoring traffic from future remarketing campaigns, link your Google Analytics account with the NS8 platform. This prevents bots and other invalid traffic from draining your marketing budget. To view your estimated savings, go to the Retargeting Fraud card.

Link your Google Analytics account

To link your Google Analytics account in NS8, in Settings, use the Google Analytics Integration slider.

If you have not authorized your account, a message on the slider states that your Google Analytics account is not linked to NS8. To set up your account, select Authorize an account.

If you are not already signed in to your Google account, you're prompted to sign in. To continue, sign in to the Google account that's linked to your Google Analytics profile.

After you're signed in, you're prompted to give NS8 access to your Google Analytics account. This prompt lists the permissions that we require. To continue, select Allow.

To link with the NS8 platform, select the Google Analytics web property. Typically, you only have one web property available. If you manage several websites through the same Google Analytics account, select the web property associated with the storefront that's connected to your NS8 account. To continue, select Accept.

Your web property ID appears in the Google Analytics setting in the NS8 platform. Confirm that the web property ID is correct and the same as your Google Analytics account. To authorize a different Google Analytics account, select Authorize a different account, and complete this process again.

After your Google Analytics account is set up, you can adjust the score threshold for remarketing by dragging the remarketing slider. For example, if your remarketing threshold is set to 275, users with a score below 275 will not be included in future remarketing campaigns. This helps prevent you from remarketing to low-quality traffic like bots and fraudsters.

Exclude low-scoring users

After you authorize your Google Analytics account, we'll write three dimensions to your website's recorded visitors. Dimensions are specific visitor attributes in Google Analytics, like a user's city or device type. You can use these dimensions to adjust your remarketing criteria in Google Analytics.

Use our dimensions

When you build remarketing audiences for future campaigns, choose these attributes, and the values that you want to create an audience in Google Analytics. You can use these audiences as part of your Google Ads campaign, or any other marketing tools that use your  Google Analytics audiences. For NS8 dimensions, use the Custom Dimensions list in Google Analytics.

Custom dimensions

  • NS8 Account ID: The unique ID that's associated with your NS8 account. Users who are scored by the same NS8 installation have the same ID.
  • NS8 Remarket: A Boolean value that indicates if a user was eligible for remarketing when they visited your site, based on your remarketing threshold in NS8. A value of 1 means the user was eligible. A value of 0 means the user was not eligible.
  • NS8 Score Level: The user's score determined by our scoring engine. This is a value between 0 and 10 in Google Analytics. It's calculated by rounding our score to the nearest hundred, then takes the first digit of that number. A user with an NS8 score between 0 and 99 receives a Score Level of 0, a user with an NS8 score between 100 and 199 receives a Score Level of 1, a user with an NS8 score between 200 and 299 receives a Score Level of 2, and so on.