When you are uncertain that an order is legitimate, you may want to set up NS8 Protect™ (formerly Complete Storefront Protection) to automatically verify the order with a customer using a text message. For this reason, NS8 has built a function that will send the customer an email and ask them to send a text message (SMS) with a secret code verifying that they made the purchase.

If the order is verified by the customer, it will automatically be assigned an NS8 Status of 'Accept', and passed over to your eCommerce platform for processing. 

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Setting up automation to request verification automatically is a simple task, as outlined below.

Using the Automated SMS Verification Setting

The first and easiest way to automate verification is to turn on the SMS Verification for Suspicious Orders toggle in the Settings Screen. This setting will automatically send verification requests for orders NS8 assigns a status of Investigate. This section of the Settings Screen will also allow you to customize your outgoing verification message.

Building Custom Verification Rules

The second way to automate verification is with an order rule. This will be the preferred method for many merchants to be able to customize their SMS verification process. Order rules are easy to build and allow you to setup automated processes within NS8 Protect.

Please note - You will most likely want to turn off the automated SMS verification setting if you are using order rules to send SMS verification. This will prevent conflicts between the default automation and your SMS preferences.

Important: Order rules will run in the order they are presented on the Order Rules screen. Only the first rule that applies to an order will be processed against that order.
For example if your first rule requests SMS verification for orders with an EQ8 Score lower than 200 and your second rule cancels all order with an EQ8 Score lower than 100, an order with an EQ8 Score of 99 will get an SMS verification request but not be cancelled because the first rule was run and rule processing stopped.
If you need help building order rules or understanding the underlying logic, please contact support using the chat icon below.

Orders With a Low EQ8 Score

You may want to send SMS verification requests for orders that score within a particular EQ8 Score range, for example, orders with an EQ8 Score of less than 200.

These are the steps to build this simple rule:

  1. From the Order Protection menu, select Order Rules.
  2. Click the Add New Rule Button
  3. The Create Order Rule screen will open
  4. For the Action to take drop down menu select Set recommendation to ‘investigate’ and SMS check order. For Shopify users, you will select SMS Check Order.
  5. If you are using Magento you will also turn on the Put order on hold switch. This will update the status in Magento to "Holded" and halt order processing pending the outcome of the SMS verification process.
  6. Click the +Add Rule button
  7. You will select the following criteria to build the rule: In the first field select EQ8 Score, less or equal in the second field, and then type 200 in the last field. (You can use a lower or higher EQ8 Score based on your business needs, however 200 is a good starting point for many customers) 
  8. Click the OK button.

What this Order Rule Will Do

This rule will cause any order with an EQ8 Score of less than 201 to be sent a SMS verification request and the NS8 status field will be set to investigate. The order will also appear on the Suspicious Order screen and will be processed using the NS8 SMS verification process. Fulfillment of the order will be halted pending verification. 

More Complex Rules

For situations where you need to create order rules with more than one condition, the button below will direct you to an article on how to set multiple order rule conditions.

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