The Order Rules Screen is used to manage and create order rules. 

Important: Please review our other articles on order rules before creating rules. Order rules can impact your order processing and need to be implemented very carefully.

Order rules can be used for the following actions: changing an order's risk level via the NS8 Status field, requesting SMS verification, placing orders on hold, or canceling orders.

Please note - Order rules will override the risk status NS8 has applied to an order, but order rules will not change the EQ8 Score. For example, if an order has an EQ8 Score of 700 (very good), but is quarantined by an order rule as high risk, the EQ8 Score will still be 700.

Order rules are applied in the order they are displayed on the screen from top to bottom. When an order meets the conditions of a rule, NS8 Protect™ (formerly Complete Storefront Protection), will execute that rule and no further rules will run. Rule order is an important consideration when designing your rules to achieve your expected result.

Order Rules Screen Features

  1. Add New Rule - This button will open the screen to create a new order rule.
  2. Search - This box will let you search for text within all fields of your order rules.
  3. Created - This field will show the date and time stamp for when the rule was created or last modified. 
  4. Description - This field will display the criteria that is being used to identify orders the rule will impact.
  5. Recommendation/Action - This field will contain the action the rule will take for orders that meet its criteria. The actions available are unique to each eCommerce platform.
  6. Hold Order [Magento Only] - This field is for Magento customers only, and it will identify if an order will be put in a Magento status of 'holded'. Other platforms will place orders on hold based on the NS8 Status field assigned by a rule.
  7. Manage - This field contains two buttons. The Edit button will open the screen to edit an order rule. The Delete button will allow you to delete a rule after confirming the deletion on the Are You Sure? screen that pops up.
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