The Create Order Rule screen is used to modify and create order rules. It is accessed by selecting the Order Rules menu item from the Order Protection menu. The grey 'Add rule' button will also open this screen to create a new rule from the Suspicious Orders screen.

Important: Order rules will run in the order they are presented on the Order Rules screen. Only the first rule that applies to an order will be processed against that order.

For example, if your first rule requests SMS verification for orders with an EQ8 Score lower than 200 and your second rule cancels all order with an EQ8 score lower than 100, an order with an EQ8 Score of 99 will get an SMS verification request but not be cancelled because the first rule was run and rule processing stopped.

If you need help building order rules or understanding the underlying logic, please contact support by using the blue chat icon in the bottom right corner of your window.

Create Order Rule Screen Elements

The elements of the Create Order Rule screen are outlined below. 

  1. Action to take - This drop down menu will determine the action the order rule will take when its conditions are met. Use the buttons below to review the actions available for your eCommerce platform.

2. Put order on hold [Magento Only] - For Magento users, this switch will cause the order to be put in a status of 'holded'. This switch is only available for the Magento eCommerce platform to meet the processing requirements of the platform for actions that change an order to an 'investigate' status.

3. Build a rule for when to take this action - This is the area of the screen where you will build the criteria to identify orders that the rule will effect. The drop down menu will allow you to choose the field that you want to search. Each field will have its own operators and available criteria. The buttons below can be used to review articles for the available order rule fields and operators.

4. AND OR - When adding a new rule or criteria group to a rule that already has conditions defined, this will determine if the rule is run as:

  • And - This will mean the order has to meet both conditions. For example, the EQ8 Score is less than 200 and the Total Price is over $100 dollars. 
  • Or - This will mean the order meets either conditions. For example, either the EQ8 Score is less than 200 or the Total Price is over $100 dollars.

5. Criteria - This is the area of the screen where you will build the logic that determines what orders this rule applies to. Criteria can be a simple statement with just one condition or with many conditions.

6. Add rule or Add group - When adding criteria to a rule, Add Group will create a new criteria, or set of criteria, that are attached to a previous condition. The screen shot below will cause an SMS check to be processed for orders with an EQ8 Score less than 600 that are also over $400 and originate from a university. 

7. Delete - This button will delete the row of criteria before the button.

8.Cancel or OK - The OK button will save the changes made on the Create Order Rule screen and close the screen. The Cancel button will close the screen without saving your changes.

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