Automating Order Investigation

The first step to automating your order investigation is to adjust your settings in NS8 Protectâ„¢ (formerly Complete Storefront Protection) to Flag Suspicious Orders and initiate SMS verification.
To do this navigate to to the Settings Page from the Settings/Support menu. There are four items to review on this screen.

  1. Flag Suspicious Orders - This setting should be turned on to automatically flag any orders with an EQ8 score below the value set in step 2 as suspicious.
  2. EQ8 Score Slider - Adjusting this slider will set the EQ8 score that an order much reach to not be suspicious. If you have a low risk tolerance, you may want to set this slider to 600. If you have a high risk tolerance, the default value of 100 may be a good starting point. Unless you turn on setting 3 or create an order rule this setting will cause orders to be held but take no further action. If this creates more review than you find necessary you can adjust the number down as needed.
  3. SMS Verification for Suspicious Orders - Turning on this slider will automatically send an SMS verification request to any order that falls bellow the EQ8 score identified in step 2. The results of this verification step will either cancel or approve the order.
  4. Email Message - This is an optional step where you can change the content of the email being sent to your customer to verify an order by SMS

You may want to create some order rules that also screen orders. You can choose if these orders are cancelled, held, or SMS investigation is initiated. Below are some common rules our customers use to screen orders. As you observe

  • 1.5x Average Order - Build an order rule that SMS verifies any order 1.5 times your average order size. For example, if your average order is $100 orders above $150 will be automatically verified.
  • Payment Risk Score - Orders with a payment risk score that is above 15% will be SMS Verified. This will create extra validation for orders that have a risk of a charge back. As you spend time in the system and recognize patterns you may want to adjust the percentage to suit your business needs.

By following these steps you NS8 Protect app should be configured to get you started. As you use the system you can monitor your orders for additional patterns that will let you refine your settings an order rules to accomplish your business goals.

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