This card will display the current status of the five NS8 Protectâ„¢ (formerly Complete Storefront Protection) performance and reputation monitors.

Clicking the magnifying glass in the upper right corner will redirect you to the Monitors screen where the monitors can be viewed and adjusted and an uptime report is displayed.

Current Status OK

When all monitors are functioning correctly and turned on, the card will appear with a complete green circle, show 100% passed, and the current status will be identified with the word OK. As pictured here:

If monitors are turned off, the green circle will show the correct percentage of monitors passed and the current status will display as OK. The image below reflects one monitor being disabled:

Failed Monitor Checks

When a monitor is failing, indicating a potential issue, the green status circle will turn yellow. The current status OK indicator will be replaced with a yellow warning triangle indicating the number of monitors not passing a test below it. The image below reflects one monitor failing:

Above the Reputation Monitors Card an issue alert will also be displayed as pictured below:

By clicking on the Help me fix it link a pop-up message will be displayed with more information on how to correct the issue and potential root causes.

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