The Lowest Quality Campaigns Score Card displays the advertising campaigns that have referred visitors to your website in the last 24 hours that received the lowest EQ8 Scores. 

The columns in this table can be sorted by clicking the up or down triangle to the right of the column name.

The columns in this table are:

  • Latest Campaign – The name of the latest campaign derived from the UTM code on the referral link or translated using your NS8 Protect™ (formerly Complete Storefront Protection) settings. 
  • EQ8 Score – The average EQ8 Score of the visitors associated with this campaign. Campaigns with a lower EQ8 Score attracted lower quality traffic and fraud.
  • Sessions – The total count of sessions for this campaign and the percentage of the traffic on this card they represent.

Clicking the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of this card will redirect you to the Campaign Issues screen where deeper analysis of your campaign data can be performed.

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