The Latest Suspicious Orders Score Card contains a table of the most recent suspect orders placed on your website and quarantined by NS8. Suspect orders are identified by the NS8 Status field being set to investigate, with this status applied to orders based on your order rules or application settings.

Quarantined orders are held in a pending state until you process them by either canceling or approving them. An order that has been canceled or approved will no longer appear on this card.

Orders that have been processed or need further investigation can be viewed on the Suspicious Orders screen. This screen is accessed by clicking the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the card.

This card will let you manage the orders by either canceling or approving them. Orders that require further investigation can be analyzed on the Suspicious Orders screen. You can also use order rules to automate the processing of some orders. For example, you may want to automatically cancel an order that receives an EQ8 Score of zero.

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