The Performance Monitors Contacts screen is found on the Performance Menu at the top of NS8 Protect. The default view for this screen will show a list of your established contacts.

In the upper right corner of this screen you will find the +Create New Contact button. This will open the screen which enables you to enter a contact.  On this screen you will need to enter up to four pieces of information to establish a contact.

  • Name - This is the name that you establish for the contact. You may choose to establish a contact as two entries to control which notifications go through SMS text message versus email. If you do this, you should name them with contact type and name to make the contact clear to identify on other NS8 Protect screens.
  • Emails - You will need to enter at least one complete email address for the contact. You may enter more than one email address if desired. This can be entered in addition to, or in place of, an SMS number.
  • SMS Numbers - Entering a phone number or numbers here will send an SMS alert message when appropriate. This can be entered in addition to, or in place of, an email address.
  • When to Alert - This will default to immediately, but you can also choose a time threshold to send an alert out. This may be useful for contact escalation where the immediate contact is different than the contact(s) notified after time has passed without resolution. For example, a help desk may be notified immediately, but after an outage of fifteen minutes a manager will receive a text message.
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