There are times you may want to verify that NS8 Protect™ is receiving and parsing your campaign data appropriately.  This testing is easily performed using a sample UTM text string:


Simply add this text string to the end of webpage within the domain where you have NS8 Protect installed. 

For example, if you have NS8 Protect installed on you will enter into your browser.

When you log into NS8 Protect, you will see your visit on any relevant screens with the following fields populated:

The Campaign Activity Screen will show your visit to the website, among others. If you need to filter these tests from your data when doing analysis, you can set a filter that is Medium "not equal to" testing or Campaign "not equal to" NS8ProtectTest. You can substitute the parameters in the test string above with other values as needed.

If you have issues with tracking your campaign data after performing this test, please contact us using the chat icon on this screen.

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