As you have already discovered, installation of NS8 Protect is a code-free, frictionless process that should have taken just a few minutes to install. (If this was not the case please let us know so we can improve upon the experience going forward).

The great news is that NS8 Protect will start evaluating your website traffic, monitoring performance, and protecting your sales as soon as its installed. In fact, you may have already seen suspect orders quarantined and analysis of your site traffic already on the dashboard.  If you don't know how to find it already this article will tell you how to find the NS8 Protect dashboard in your eCommerce platform.

However, with a few more easy steps you can get even more from the application and really get your "money's worth" from using our solution. Because we promised this would be quick, easy, and done in under thirty minutes, we're going to jump right into getting started.

Performance Monitoring

This feature of NS8 Protect will keep an eye on the store for you and let you know when there are issues with your website, such as slowdowns, downtime, or security issues. 

The key to getting the most out of this feature is making sure we notify the right person when an issue arises. The default contact information is often provided by your eCommerce platform (usually whoever's email is registered to the installation) as the site administrator and this may be okay for your business. 

However, if you want to check on who is being notified or change the settings for alerts, you can update the notification settings for email, SMS, and escalation paths in just a few easy clicks. 

On the NS8 Protect Dashboard, on the Performance menu, select Contacts, enter the appropriate information, and you are all set! 

Now that your contacts are setup, let's look at a few more settings to help analyze your traffic and protect your ad budget.

Ad Protection

Protecting your advertising spend is easy and 99% of our ad campaign scoring is automatic in NS8 Protect. This is because we use UTM codes to track your users, which helps us to determine which ad campaigns are driving traffic to your site and where exactly your good (and bad) customers are coming from. 

Once users reach your site, we monitor their behavior to score all your traffic, campaign related or not. This can give you key insights to optimize campaigns and fight advertising fraud. 

There are two key settings in NS8 Protect that will help you leverage its power to maximize your results:

  1. If you are using retargeting campaigns, turning on the Google Analytics integration and setting your Remarketing Slider will help you by blocking poor-quality traffic from getting on your remarketing lists, so you only spend money targeting real, good-quality traffic. 
  2. On the settings page, you can also adjust the EQ8 threshold where NS8 will report a visitor as valid/invalid on the campaign and sessions screens . This is the slider labeled Valid vs. Suspicious Users, and you can adjust this to help determine the point at which you consider somebody suspicious (default = below 100).

Now that we've optimized two out of three of NS8 Protects functions, we're ready to tackle the third- Transaction Fraud.

Order Protection

There is a good chance that the reason you installed NS8 Protect was to stop fraudsters from stealing from you. Upon installation, NS8 Protect will begin to analyze orders, apply an EQ8 score, and quarantine suspect orders. 

However, there are a few simple steps you can use to customize this protection for your business and make it even better, as we've listed in this article and summarized below.

  1. Turn on SMS verification - Under the settings page, you can turn this button on to have every suspect order SMS verified and approved if the SMS check passes. This can be a powerful tool to add an automated layer of fraud prevention to your process.
  2. Flag Suspicious Orders - This setting is on by default and will quarantine all orders that have an EQ8 score below 100 as suspect. However, if your risk tolerance is much lower (or you want to be cautious as you get used to NS8 Protect) increasing this to 400-600 may be a better starting point.
  3. Build an Order Rule - Order rules are the best way to customize order protection to your individual business. They can also be the most dangerous if badly configured, so it's best to start with something simple (e.g. setting up a rule to flag as High Risk anything greater than 1.5x your typical order Total Price so you know to give it extra review).
    For setting up more advanced rules and learning about other possibilities, check out this article
  4. For Shopify users, there are a few other features to consider, some of which will be available to all users soon:
  • Include Shopify's Order Risk - This feature is found on the Settings Page of NS8 Protect, and turning it on will include Shopify's risk evaluation along with NS8's scoring when quarantining orders. If you are used to using Shopify's system and find it valuable you may want to turn this on; otherwise, you can just leave it off.
  • Payment Capture - To prevent suspicious orders from still being automatically fulfilled by Shopify, you may want to turn off auto-capture in your Shopify Admin and have NS8 Protect automate payment capture for valid orders instead, as described here.
  • Whitepages Pro - This integration will add extra identity verification to your review process, and you can have this run by default for orders within your specified EQ8 score range. Learn more about Whitepages Pro in this article.

Now that we've spent a few minutes getting your NS8 Protect installation customized to your business you're all set to begin reviewing and approving orders!

As you build experience and get used to using the product, remember to add new rules and review your settings to improve your order screening and optimize your ad campaigns. 

You can also reach out to us at any time by using the chat icon in the application or selecting Support from the Settings menu. The NS8 Customer Success team will be glad to help you get the most out of NS8 Protect whenever you need help.

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