Thank you for your interest in NS8's products. You can read detailed information about NS8 Protect™ (formerly Complete Storefront Protection) for Shopify by clicking the button below.

The easiest way to install  is to click the Install Free Trial button located at the top and bottom of the page and follow the instructions below. You can also search for NS8 in the Shopify App Store. There you will also find our other products:

How to Install

To install an application, you will click on the desired application from the Shopify App Store. A page similar to the one below will appear based on the application you have selected:

Once this page is loaded, you can click the green Get button to begin the installation process. You will be asked to log in to your storefront to confirm the installation and the application will then be ready to use.

After the 30-Day Trial

Shopify handles payment for application usage directly and will add any charges for using NS8's products to your Shopify bill. After your 30-day trial has been completed, billing will begin based on your website traffic volume, unless the application is uninstalled.

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