To filter, or exclude, your own visits to your websites from session reporting you will use the customize columns feature on the screen you are pulling data from. In Visitors, this is the main screen. In NS8 Protect™ (formerly Complete Storefront Protection), this can be from any screen with session data.

Identifying Your Own Address 

If you do not know your own I.P. address you will need to look up your IP address, using a service like Bear in mind that unless you have a static IP address, which usually involves a surcharge, then this number is subject to change. You may want to keep track of the addresses you've filtered if you need to repeat the results in the future.
You then will build a filter using the instructions found here: Creating an On Screen Filter.

If you want to keep reading on how to download your data or make the most of Visitors by NS8 keep reading:
Downloading Data

Getting the Most from the Visitors by NS8 

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