As the need arises you will want to remove specific results from a screen or report download. For example, visits to your own website may skew your analysis of website visitors. You may also want to see the suspect orders you approved by filtering for an NS8 Status of 'Accepted'.These are just some of many reasons you may want to build a filter. 

The Filter Function

The filter function is found on many screens in NS8's application suite. The functions outlined below will help you build a filter.

  1. Add Rule/Add Group - This button will add a new rule to the screen or using add group a sub rule to an existing rule.
  2. And/Or - This button will control if a secondary rule functions as additional or optional criteria to the rule above it.
  3. Criteria - Here you will select the field, conditions, and critera for the rule you are building.
  4. Delete - This button will permanently delete a selected rule.

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