When an order is quarantined as suspect,  NS8 customers typically will want to prevent having the payment from being captured, settled, and the fulfillment completed, until the risk has been resolved.

There are two settings that need to be used in conjunction with controlling the payment flow. The first is setting Shopify to manually capture payments. This is a setting that is explained by an article from Shopify, linked to from the button below.

The Shopify setting needs to be set to "Manually capture payment for orders" as shown in the Shopify admin screenshot below:

In NS8 Protect, you will need to navigate to the Settings menu and change the slider shown below to on:

Once the setting is set to on, the button next to "Capture Payments on Valid Orders" will turn green.  When this setting is activated, payment capture will be processed for orders with an NS8 status of 'Approved' or 'Accept'. Orders with a status of 'Cancel' or 'Investigate' will be held pending resolution and payment will only be captured when the status is moved to 'Approved'.

If you are using additional plugins, like a shipping integration, you will want to make sure that those applications will not fulfill uncaptured orders.

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