Often at NS8, we get questions on how to track social media campaigns along with other advertising sources. Tracking social media campaigns is a fairly simple task using the same technology foundation as many other sources - UTM codes.

UTM codes are additional fields added to a referring URL that identify key campaign parameters. UTM parameters identify key information about the ad that referred a visitor to your website. NS8 Protectâ„¢ (formerly Complete Storefront Protection), and the other NS8 products, will automatically read UTM codes and provide analytics with no additional setup from you.

The key to successfully using UTM codes is to establish them with your advertising platform so that the data is sent to you when an ad is clicked on by a user. This is best done when establishing a campaign, but you can change them at anytime with most platforms (Please note however that when you modify parameters on an existing campaign, this will not change the data collected in the past).

To setup UTM codes for your social media campaigns, you should check with your platform's documentation and follow each of the steps accordingly. To learn more about UTM codes, click the button below:

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