The Timeline screen displays a summary of sessions tracked for your website for the timeframe you specify. This screen is useful when you are trying to understand visitors driven to your website by advertising campaigns and other channels. The data identifying advertising campaigns is parsed from UTM codes on the directing URLs.

Timelines Screen Elements

The elements on the timeline screen are as follows.

  1. The Date Selector - In addition to the elements on the standard NS8 Protect date selector this screen requires you group data by intervals, either Daily, Hourly, or Minute. These grouping intervals will help you refine the view of your data into meaningful groups. You can also customize your column view from this screen element.
  2. The Data Filter - This on screen element is used to filter the displayed results by individual attributes.
  3. The Data Graph - The element will give you a graphic representation of the data displayed below. This will vary between a pie chart and line graph based on your selections in the The Date Selector and The Data Filter.
  4. Session Details - This section will show the session activity in the interval you selected in The Date Selector. If a campaign has had not identifiable traffic it will not appear in this section. The sessions are grouped by their primary risk factor.
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