By default, NS8 Protect will assign tracking information to your website traffic by parsing the UTM parameters contained in a URL. However, there are referrers and situations where you may not have UTM data available.

To manage traffic overrides, you will use the Campaign Referrers screen accessed from the Settings Support menu in NS8 Protect. This will only apply to traffic from the time you save the referrer information going forward.

There are two fields on this screen that will assign the referrers, the first being the Referrer. In this field you will enter the URL you wish to assign to the Campaign. All traffic from a specified domain will be referred under the identified campaign. For example, if you add and a visitor is referred by, the traffic will be assigned the campaign value you enter in the box below.

The second field is for the Campaign name you are assigning. You will want to use a unique value here that will be easily identifiable and not conflict with other campaign data. For example, if you have a campaign running named Raceday that is being tracked by UTM data, you would want to avoid using Raceday as a referrer override. If the override is for a campaign similar or related to Raceday, you may want to name the override Raceday Partners for example.

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