Mobile devices, cell phones, and tablets contain sensors that report movement. These can measure movement speed, vibration, orientation, and other movement attributes depending on the device. NS8 has a pending patent on use of this technology to help fight internet fraud.

How does Mobile Device Motion Relate to Fraud?

One of the key sources of internet fraud is bots. These robots are scripts that try to navigate the internet and appear like real human users. They mimic mouse movement, clicks, typing, and other activities to emulate humans. Using bots for automation, fraudsters attack websites, steal advertising budgets, and make fraudulent purchases. However, these bots lack one thing that real human users have: opposable thumbs. 

Opposable thumbs allow real human users to hold devices and will cause a device’s sensors to detect movement. Bots are unable to mimic the movement of a device in a way that a real human user does. As the proliferation of mobile devices increases, they make up a greater portion of the total internet traffic. Using movement detection becomes an important method to determine if a bot is attempting to register for a new account, viewing your ads, or making fraudulent purchases.

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