One of the key differentiators between NS8 and other fraud prevention solutions is that NS8 begins gathering data as soon as a visitor comes to your website. At this moment, any data we can gather from before the session is also analyzed. This will include cookie, referrer data, and UTM codes among other attributes. This approach gives NS8 a distinct advantage to other solutions that do not include pre-session data in their scoring mechanisms.

The Big Picture

The advantage does not stop with just pre-session data. All of the user’s behavior is used from site entry to checkout to determine the risk associated with the session. This helps detect bots that are using up ad budgets and making fraudulent purchases. Also, fraudsters using deceptive tactics to hide their identity and location will be unmasked using the same analytic tools. Having this big picture analysis makes sure that all the details of a session are captured and analyzed.

After Checkout

As a session develops, risk assessment scoring for it is re-evaluated with the new information that is gathered. For example, when a visitor becomes a user by identifying themselves, the EQ8 Score will update the session score. At checkout, data including payment risk, email history, and address quality are used to provide a score that ascribes an actionable risk level to a purchase. Many fraud solutions don’t begin scoring until this moment, leaving a significant amount of valuable data out of their decision.

What Makes It Possible

There are two key components to front end scoring: the tracking script and the EQ8 Scoring Engine. 

The Tracking Script

NS8 has developed an asynchronous tracking script that is used to gather data for scoring. This script is installed in the header of a webpage and silently and reports data. Because it is asynchronous, it sends data to NS8 without any noticeable delay waiting for responses. Only when a score is requested back by a webpage will the very slightest of delays occur, usually under 30 milliseconds.

The EQ8 Scoring Engine

The proprietary EQ8 Scoring Engine is the horsepower behind NS8’s risk assessment technology. It takes all the data - almost 200 individual attributes - gathered during a session and constantly evaluates it. This dynamic and powerful engine protects our customers from transaction fraud and advertising fraud and provides an accurate picture of how real users view a website. The application doesn’t stop with eCommerce, however; any activity that occurs on a website, such as registration or financial applications, can be provided a score and risk assessment to help businesses fight fraud.

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