As the internet advances, consumers demand the latest technology. This is especially true for eCommerce and online business services. A large part of all recent advancements is speed. Consumers have gotten used to having everything available at the touch of a button, or even the sound of their voice, and they do not like to wait for answers. Many scoring or decision-making solutions add time to the consumer process, making it difficult to scale and dragging down response times. The EQ8 Scoring Engine, on the other hand, is built to score quickly. How quickly? In the blink of an eye.

Experience Sub-30 Millisecond Scoring

Though data travel time will occasionally affect our timing, our processes respond in sub-30 milliseconds or faster for nearly all scoring requests. Sub-30 millisecond scoring means that we can provide a user score almost instantaneously for any action. It adds no friction for the end user unless you choose to utilize its capabilities and do this deliberately. Because the response is so fast, our scores have a variety of uses throughout the customer life-cycle. Use cases include eCommerce checkout and payment processing, account creation, pre-approval, account verification, and more. 

Create a Better Customer Experience 

With fast responses, you can integrate our scoring capabilities into any process. Fraud prevention no longer needs to interrupt the flow of the customer journey. The AI used in our scoring allows for quick, accurate results that you can act on immediately. You can stop treating your customers like criminals while still blocking out those that are attempting to deceive you. Plus, our speeds are built to be scalable. That means even as your volume increases, your customers still get the optimized experience they expect from you.

Adjust Your Expectations

You and your customers no longer need to wait for answers. Our fast scoring capabilities require no coding or installation time. Install the JavaScript and get answers in real-time with no lag. With advanced AI and machine-learning built into our scoring, it works for every vertical and industry. 

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