Pre-session data refers to information received about how a user came to be on a certain site or where they came from. When a user clicks on an ad that takes them to an NS8-protected site, our software immediately begins analyzing what we know about them. This could include their search terms, keyword collusion, whether they are using a proxy server, whether the session is hidden or visible, what type of browser is being used, what type of device is being used, and whether a user has been flagged by NS8 for fraud previously, along with numerous other data points. 

How Is Pre-Session Data Used by NS8?

The NS8 software generates an initial risk assessment score for a user and continues to update that score based on how they behave on the site. If a user makes a purchase, a new score is provided using the pre-session data and information provided during a purchase, as well as any other behavioral data picked up during a user’s time on the site.

Why Is Pre-Session Data Important? 

Pre-session data is of high value because payment information alone will not provide a clear picture of who a user is. This additional information can help an online business make more informed decisions while catching more fraud and avoiding unnecessary false declines that can significantly impact a business’s overall revenue. 

NS8 is also able to use aggregated pre-session data to better identify patterns for invalid users based on behaviors that lead them to the site. With more data and machine-learning algorithms built to adapt as new techniques for fraud are hatched, we are positioned to detect more fraudulent sessions earlier at NS8. Our goal is to empower businesses to make better decisions that enhance their bottom line without any heavy lifting.

Beyond Transaction Fraud

Pre-session data can be utilized for purposes beyond payment transactions as well. In addition to detecting transaction fraud, our software uses pre-session data to help businesses save money by identifying and cleaning up advertising campaigns. It can also automatically block bad users from retargeting campaigns, offering even more savings. We have even found that reducing bad traffic from ad campaigns can directly reduce transaction fraud overall. 

Our software offers many ways to see and address fraud. That means companies can utilize our data to reduce fraud in multiple areas without any additional time or investment. A business can decide to focus on the ad fraud tools or the transaction fraud tools but get the benefit of data from both either way. Even better, while our fraud prevention works in the background, companies can use other features and data to optimize workflow throughout the business. Because our software is flexible, a company can customize our product to increase its revenue, streamline processes, and focus on creating a better customer experience.

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