Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) often seem to be favorite buzzwords of technology companies. However, getting companies to explain exactly how their AI and ML works is much more difficult. At NS8, we utilize both ML and AI as part of our overall product without relying entirely upon it. While AI and machine-learning continue to advance every day, they require rigidity and time to work efficiently. 

NS8 Protect, on the other hand, is built to flex with your business, while adding as little friction as possible. It is constantly being adjusted to contour to your quirks and unique needs, but still gives you the tools to make final decisions. For example, our AI capabilities evaluate data in real-time to provide a score. That score can then be used to automatically filter out bad orders or process good orders, but the score and other information can also be used for manual decisions if that is needed. 

Additionally, our ML algorithms are used to identify verticals and classify certain orders or actions to adjust based on different risk factors. A t-shirt company will likely have very different risk factors than a jewelry store. Our software learns how fraud presents itself to different customers and is constantly running against our rulesets to make sure that they do not become outdated. It works in the background to make our scoring capabilities stronger without the need for time-consuming and expensive updates.

Because the internet and fraud are both in a constant state of change, NS8 utilizes the tools of ML to always keep the EQ8 Scoring Engine up to date. Using machine learning in this fashion will allow NS8 to keep evolving in a controlled fashion that leverages human expertise and the best of AI and ML.

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