At its core, the EQ8 Score is the proprietary scoring methodology developed by NS8 which enables our fraud detection services to process a massive amount of analysis in fractions of a second and boil it down into a single data point that is easy to understand and assess risk. This is accomplished by the EQ8 Scoring Engine analyzing large data sets and condensing them down into actionable summaries, which are tied to customer risk profiles.

The EQ8 Score tracks over 170 attributes of every user that visits a website and is used by NS8 services to differentiate legitimate site traffic and real human users from low-quality visitors who are either bots or pose a greater risk of being tied to fraud. 

The EQ8 Score is applied to all traffic that comes to a site through advertising campaigns and it is also used to assess the risk of fraud for eCommerce transactions. It begins tracking users from the first click they take to enter a website all the way through check out. The EQ8 Score takes into account pre-session data for each user, including their search history, referrers, and advertising campaigns they are associated with.

EQ8 Scores range from 0-1,000, with lower numbers representing traffic that is determined to be very bad, such as bot sessions or users who are clearly showing indications of deception, and higher ranging numbers being reflective of users who are real humans and not demonstrating any attributes associated with fraud or suspicious behavior. Mid-range EQ8 Scores are typically reflective of users who demonstrate both good and bad attributes, and could merit further scrutiny, such as a manual review or SMS verification check, to help determine if they are indeed legitimate people.

What Does the EQ8 Score Track?

The EQ8 Score tracks user attributes which fall into two major categories: their behavior and technology.

Attributes tied to a user’s behavior are analyzed to determine if they are behaving like real people or bots. Certain behavioral attributes which can decipher between bot activity and real human users include navigation speed, mouse and device movement, session visibility, and other patent-pending technologies.

The technology profile of users indicates if they are using tactics to mask their identity or location or are otherwise acting deceptively. The EQ8 Score analyzes attributes such as browser profiles and I.P. addresses and uses other proprietary methods in assigning a risk score.

While the scoring process is quite complex, the EQ8 Score by itself is relatively simple to understand, particularly in the context of the supporting data that is also provided. Attributes which are tracked as supporting data include primary user risk factors and payment risk issues, two leading indicators used to determine if there is a high risk of fraud present.

Use Cases

The EQ8 Score is a very valuable tool for any eCommerce store, payment provider, or business that processes financial transactions online because it is scoring more data than what NS8 competitors are evaluating, and it is doing so earlier in the detection process. 

Whether used as a standalone fraud detection and defense solution, or in collaboration with data from another service, the EQ8 Score begins scoring for fraud almost immediately after a very short spin-up time. It gives businesses a very strong indication of which transactions are safe to process, which merit further scrutiny, and which ones are most certainly tied to fraud. By providing this clear understanding of where fraud risks lie, the EQ8 Score is an immensely valuable tool in not just combating fraud, but also protecting the revenues tied to good customers and ensuring customer loyalty by preventing false declines.

Another huge utility of the EQ8 Score is its ability to score advertising campaign traffic and block bots and low-quality traffic from retargeting campaigns. Easily integrated with Google Analytics, the EQ8 Score evaluates all advertising traffic driven to a website and lets businesses know which campaigns are associated with low-quality traffic and which ones have the best conversion rates. From there, they can better allocate and adjust their future advertising and retargeting dollars to make sure they are not wasting their valuable marketing dollars on worthless traffic.

Being one of the most flexible and adaptable tools in the marketplace, the composite scoring methodology of the EQ8 Score can be used for multiple applications where screening for fraud is a necessity. Through integration with the NS8 Protect Rest API, the EQ8 Score can also be applied to payment service providers and gateways, credit applications, account creation and takeover, affiliate and promo abuse, logins, transactions, advertising, and fake accounts.

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