Run SMS to verify a suspect order

Set up order rules to run SMS verification.

You can configure the NS8 platform to automatically run SMS verification on orders of uncertain legitimacy. Depending on the outcome of the verification process, the order will be approved or canceled.

For specific orders, you can manually start the customer verification process. You can also trigger the process using custom order rules. There are many possible conditions in which you can use order rules to start SMS verification. One example is a rule that automatically requests SMS verification for an order that has a low score.

Use the automated SMS verification setting

To automate verification, on the Settings page, turn on SMS Verification for Suspicious Orders. This setting automatically sends verification requests for orders with a status of Investigate. You can also customize your outgoing verification message.

Create custom verification rules

You can also use order rules to automate verification. This is the preferred method to customize your SMS verification process. Order rules are easy to create and let you set up automated processes.


Note: To avoid rule conflicts, you might have to adjust settings.

If you use order rules to send SMS verification messages, turn off the automated SMS verification setting. This prevents conflicts between the default automation and your SMS preferences.

Orders with a low score

You can send SMS verification requests for orders within a specific score range.
For example, orders that have a score of less than 200.

  1. From the Order Protection menu, select Order Rules.
  2. Select Add New Rule. The Create Order Rule page appears.
  3. Next to Action to take, select Set recommendation to ‘investigate’ and SMS check
  4. If you’re using Magento, select Put order on hold. This updates the status in Magento to Holded and stops the order process during the SMS verification process.
  5. Select Add rule.
  6. To create the rule, choose the following criteria:
  • In the first field, select EQ8 Score.
  • In the second field, select less or equal.
  • In the third field, enter 200. Based on your needs, you can use a lower or higher score. 200 is a good starting point.
  1. Select OK.

What this order rule does

This rule sends an SMS verification request to any customer who has a score of 200 or less. Our status is set to Investigate. The order will appear on the Suspicious Orders page and will be processed using SMS verification. The order won’t be completed until it’s verified.

Complex rules

To create order rules that have more than one condition, go to Create a complex order rule.