Track social media advertising campaigns

How we track ads for Facebook and other social media platforms.

We track social media advertising campaigns and traditional advertising sources. We use UTM codes to track data, just like any other advertising campaign. UTM codes are the additional fields that are added to a referring URL. They identify key campaign parameters. These parameters find important information about the ad that referred a visitor to your website. We automatically parse UTM codes and provides analytics without any prior setup.

To successfully use UTM codes, establish them with your advertising platform. Then, the correct data is transferred when users click an ad. When you create a new campaign, create your keywords. However, most platforms let you reconfigure UTM codes at any time.

To set up UTM codes for your social media campaigns, check your specific platform's documentation, and follow each step accordingly. To learn more, go to Campaign tracking and UTM codes


When you change the parameters of an existing campaign, the data previously collected will not be changed.