Suspicious orders

Review suspect orders.

The Suspicious Orders page provides a summary of suspect orders placed within a specific time frame. Use this page to understand the user data and various risk factors associated with suspect orders and take action as necessary.

By default, this page shows orders that have a status of Investigate or Cancel.


  • The date selector lets you group data by intervals. The default intervals are Last 24 Hours, Today, Yesterday, and Last 7 Days. You can use the calendar to create custom date and time intervals.
  • Use the data filter to filter the results by individual attributes.
  • The heat map shows you the location of the orders in the data that appears on the page.
  • The order details section shows all the suspect orders that were placed during the interval that you specified date selector. By default, orders appear under Order Time, with most recent suspect orders appear first.
  • The NS8 Status column. By default, we show suspect orders that have a status of Investigate or Cancel. If the status of an order is Investigate, you can cancel or approve the order. If you cancel or approve the order, you’re prompted to confirm your choice and you can include a note about the order.

Before you cancel or approve an order, use the data on this page to weigh the risks of the associated information. By default, you can see the order's score, order price, primary user risk factor, payment risk score, and whether you are waiting to receive SMS verification for that order. For example, if an order has a very low score and a high payment risk score, you might cancel the order without taking further steps. If an order has a medium score and a moderate payment risk score, you might choose to SMS verify the order and wait for more confirmation before you approve or cancel it.