You can use settings to access your platform and account settings.

This menu will have different menu items based on the ecommerce platform you are using, as shown below.



Opens a page that offers an overview of some of our features and settings. This page is for informational purposes. You cannot change the settings.


Use this option to change your settings.


View detailed information about how to contact us.


Opens a page that provides information about your billable activity for the current billing period.

Payment Methods

Opens a page where you can enter a payment card for billing.


Opens a page where you can authorize your account to be prepaid. When you prepay your account, we credit your account 10% of the amount that you prepaid.



Prepayments use your primary payment method and give you a credit that we'll use for future invoices.

We have contract rates if you want a long-term discount. For more information, use Live support to contact us.