Payment methods

How to enter payment.

To use NS8 after the 30-day free trial expires, add payment information.

To add a payment type, from Settings/Support, select Payment Methods. The Authorize Payment Method page appears.


Enter the following information. Note: All fields are required.

  • Card Number: The account number for the card that you want on file.
  • CVC: The card security code printed on the back of your card. For Discover,
  • Mastercard, and Visa, this is a three-digit code in the signature strip on the back of the card. For American Express, this is a four-digit code printed on the front of the card.
  • Expiration: The expiration date of the card. This is typically located on the front of the card. Enter the expiration date in MM/YYYY format. For example, enter 01/2020 for a card that expires in January of 2020.

When you’re done, select Submit. You’ll receive a message when the card is successfully recorded. If any errors occur, correct the issue, and try again.


For help, call us at 888-453-5291. Or select Live support.


For privacy and security, when you contact us by email or chat, please do not provide credit card information.