Order review

Review a suspect order.

To review an order that has been held as potential fraud, go to the Order Review page. The elements of this page help you determine whether you should complete, cancel, or investigate an order.


For Magento users, go to Order rule actions.

The header

The elements in the header show basic order information and let you take the appropriate action after you complete your review.

  1. NS8 Recommendation: This is our recommendation based on the initial fraud analysis or the results of a status change to the order. The NS8 Recommendation will be the same as the NS8 Status.
  2. Order actions: These are the actions you can take after you review the order.
  3. Order Number: This identifies the order. It’s provided by your website to NS8.

Order Details

This section contains detailed information about the risks associated with the order, customer information, and user navigation.

  1. Risk information: This section shows the information that NS8 uses to determine the fraud risk of the order and the reasons for that decision. Important items in this section are:
  • Score - The score assigned to the order. It’s calculated using the information gathered during the customer's site visit. This score will not change if you accept the order or if risk factors are mitigated by verification.
  • Letter grade: The letter grade assigned to the transaction. A is the highest and F is the lowest. Next to this score is a description of the letter grade and the status of any action we're taking on the order.
  • Primary User Issue: The highest-ranked user risk factor for an order that’s determined is at risk of fraud.
  • Payment Issues: Any issues with the payment are described here and reflected in the Payment Risk Score field.
  1. Locations: This section provides information about the billing address, shipping address, and device location for an order. Use this information to decide if an order is at risk due to issues with the billing or shipping address, and the user's location when
    they placed the order.

  2. Navigation: This section reveals the session data of the user placing the order. Sessions are measured from the time a user enters your site until they leave, or after 30 minutes of inactivity occurs. A user that does not follow a logical progression of site navigation or places an order in a very short amount of time may be a bot.

  1. Account Info: This section shows the details of the user's account with your website.
  2. Session Details: This section shows the details of the session. For example, how a user was referred to your site and the technology that they used to view your site. For more information about a session detail, select the link next to it. For example, next to Platform, select Linux.