Campaign activity

Learn how to view your campaign activity.

The Campaign Activity page provides a summary of the visitors to your website as session data for a time frame that you specify. Use this page when you want to know how many visitors are driven to your website by advertising campaigns. The data that identifies advertising campaigns is parsed from UTM codes on the directing URLs. From this page, you can open the Campaign Issues page to analyze each campaign as needed.


  1. The date selector lets you choose the time frame in which data appears. You can use the data selector to customize your column view.
  2. Filter results by individual attributes.
  3. The data graph gives you a graphic representation of the data under it.
  4. The campaign details section shows the campaigns that have had activity during the time frame specified. If a campaign has not had identifiable traffic, it won't appear in this section. To view the Campaign Issues page, select a campaign name.