Set up NS8

Configure the platform.

We start evaluating your website traffic, monitoring your site performance, and protecting your sales as soon as you install the NS8 platform. You might already see suspicious orders on hold and the analysis of site traffic on your dashboard.

Performance monitoring

Our monitors keep an eye on your store and let you know when there are issues with your website, like slowdowns, downtime, or security issues.

To get the most out of our performance monitoring, make sure we notify the right person when an issue arises. The default contact information is often provided by your ecommerce platform as the site administrator (usually the email address that was registered during site installation). However, you can change contact information or configure the settings for alerts. You can also update the notification settings for email, SMS, and escalation paths.

On the dashboard, select Performance, select Contacts, and then enter the appropriate information. After you update your contacts, you're all set!

Ad protection

99% of our ad campaign scoring is automatic. We use UTM codes to track your users. UTM codes help us determine which ad campaigns are driving traffic to your site and where exactly your good (and bad) customers are coming from.

When users reach your site, we monitor their behavior to score all your traffic, campaign-related or not. This can give you important insights to help optimize campaigns and fight advertising fraud.

We have two main settings that will help you maximize your results:

  • If you're using retargeting campaigns, turn on Google Analytics integration and set your remarketing slider. These settings help you block low-quality traffic from your remarketing lists to make sure that you only spend money targeting real, high-quality traffic.
  • On the Settings page, you can adjust the score threshold at which we'll report a visitor as valid or invalid on the Campaign Activity and Suspicious Sessions pages. Use the Valid vs. Suspicious Sessions slider to adjust the point at which you consider somebody suspicious. By default, users with a score below 100 are considered suspicious.

Order protection

After you install the platform, we start to analyze purchases, apply a score, and hold suspicious orders.

To customize order protection for your business and make it even better:

  • Turn on SMS verification: On the Settings page, turn on this setting to make sure that every suspect order is verified by SMS and approved if the SMS verification passes. This can be a powerful tool to add an automated layer of fraud prevention to your process.
  • Flag Suspicious Orders: By default, this setting is turned on. This setting puts all orders on hold that have a score below 100. However, if your risk tolerance is lower (or you want to be cautious), you can increase the threshold to 400 or 600.
  • Build an order rule: Order rules are the best way to customize order protection for your individual business. For example, set up a rule to flag orders as high-risk if their total order price exceeds 1.5x your typical order price, giving you the chance to perform a review. To set up more advanced rules and learn about other possibilities, go to Run SMS to verify a suspect order.

Now you can review and approve orders.

As you get more comfortable using the platform, add new order rules, and review your settings to improve your order screening and optimize your ad campaigns. To contact us, select Live support.