Create contacts so you can escalate performance issues.

To view the Contacts page, go to the Performance menu. The default view for this page provides a list of your established contacts. We'll alert these contacts if there are performance issues.

To enter a contact, on the Contacts page, in the upper-right corner, select Create
New Contact
. Enter the contact's information, and then select OK.

  • Name - The name of your contact. You can create one contact with two entries to control which notifications go through SMS text message versus email. If you do this, give each entry a contact type and name to easily identify the contacts on other pages.
  • Emails - Enter at least one complete email address for your contact. You can enter more than one email. This can be entered in addition to, or in place of, an SMS number.
  • SMS Numbers - Enter one or more phone numbers where we can send an SMS message when appropriate. You can enter this in addition to, or in place of, an email address.
  • When to Alert - By default, this is set to Immediately. You can choose a time threshold to send an alert. This can be useful for contact escalation if the immediate contact is different than the contact notified after time passes without resolution. For example, a help desk may be notified immediately, but a manager will only receive a text message after an outage has lasted at least 15 minutes.