Magento user roles

Managing user roles to access NS8 in Magento.

If you're using Magento, you can use the user roles feature to manage certain users' access to NS8. Users with restricted access can't access our dashboard or Settings, but they can view NS8 information on Magento's order page. This is useful if you have multiple users managing your store, as it allows subordinate users to manage orders, view scores, and initiate SMS Verification without granting them the ability to modify program settings.

Configure user roles

To configure user access, create a new user role in Magento. Users in the "Administrator" role will always have full access to all features and extensions within Magento, but users in custom roles can be granted selective access to specific role resources.

Access role resources


When managing custom role resources in Magento, users must have access to the "Orders" resource (noted by the red arrow) and its subfeatures to manage orders, view our scores and ratings, and initiate SMS Verification. Revoking access to "NS8 Protect Admin" (noted by the green arrow) will prevent users from accessing our dashboard and Settings, but will not impact their ability to review orders as described.


The above image shows Magento's order review screen for a user without NS8 Admin permissions. Note that the user can still view the order's score, NS8 Status and Recommendation, and any red flags. This restricted user cab approve, cancel, and SMS Check the order without admin access.