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Getting Started with NS8 Protect

Helpful hints and tricks to set up NS8 Protect.

This article is designed to help you understand how to use NS8 Protect to safeguard your business against transaction fraud, advertising fraud, and performance issues. While these may seem like complex and overwhelming tasks, NS8 has designed a system that makes it easy to protect your business.

This article will link to other articles in our documentation center. Following the steps below, you can to configure your store's protection quickly and easily.

Before we get started with configuring your store, we first need to look at one key item: the EQ8 Score. The EQ8 Score is NS8's tool for identifying the fraud risks associated with website visitors and their purchases. After a complex evaluation, we assign a score from 0 to 1000 to a website visitor or a purchase.

For example, a known bot will score 100 or less, indicating they are not a valid user, while a human user with no other fraud indicators will score closer to 1000.

The EQ8 Score

When you log in to the application, the first page you will see is the Dashboard. This is the main hub for navigating NS8 Protect.

Dashboard Overview

Normally, the first things most merchants want to understand is how to review an order that has been flagged for suspected fraud. You can look at the key indicators to decide if you want to approve, cancel, or further verify an order.

Reviewing a Suspect Order

One of the key benefits of NS8's fraud prevention solution is that you can customize rules to fit your particular business. A great starting point is to set up some rules that will automate your response to different orders. The article below will show you how to set up a rule to enable SMS Verification orders that fall below a certain EQ8 Score.

Bulding an SMS Verification Order Rule

Although the EQ8 Scoring Engine will do most of the work for you in identifying suspect orders, you may want to build some additional basic rules to suit your needs. Other rules to consider building are listed in the article about Order Rule Automation.

Authorizing your Google Analytics Account

In order to get the most return on your investment using NS8 Protect, you will need to enable integration with Google Analytics to prevent retargeting fraud. If you do not run any retargeting advertising campaigns, then you can skip this step; otherwise, follow the steps in our guide on Authorizing Your Google Analytics Account.

In addition to protecting your business from transaction fraud, NS8 Protect also helps you understand the quality of the traffic that your advertising campaigns are attracting. The sections below will help you analyze your sessions and campaign data.

Please note, that this data updates in real time, so if you just installed the application, you may need to wait for some traffic to visit your website.

Suspicious Sessions

The Suspicious Sessions screen shows an analysis of the traffic visiting your website. The Low Quality Campaigns screen shows the advertising campaigns that are performing poorly.

Setting Monitoring Contacts

It is also important to correctly set your monitoring contacts so that the right person or team is notified if your site experiences an outage or other performance issue.

If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to our support team using the chat icon on this screen.

Getting Started with NS8 Protect

Helpful hints and tricks to set up NS8 Protect.

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