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Our platform makes it easy to protect your business.

Our score

Our score identifies the fraud risks associated with website visitors and their purchases. Using a variety of scoring attributes, we evaluate each user or purchase and assign them a score between 0 and 1000. A higher score indicates a more trustworthy user. For example, a known bot will typically receive very low scores under 100, indicating that they're not valid users. A human user who doesn't exhibit suspicious behavior will score closer to 1000.



When you log in, the dashboard appears. The dashboard provides a snapshot of the most relevant information to your store and lets you go to various pages in the NS8 platform.

Review a suspicious order

To review suspicious orders use our indicators (risk and score) to decide to approve, cancel, or start SMS verification.


Build an order rule for customer verification

You can customize order rules to automate your response to different orders. Use order rules to run customer verification will show you how to create an order rule that initiates Customer Verification for orders that fall below a certain score.

Authorize your Google Analytics account

To get the most return on your investment, turn on integration with Google Analytics to prevent retargeting fraud. If you don't run retargeting advertising campaigns, you can skip this. Otherwise, follow the steps in Authorize your Google Analytics account.

We help you understand the quality of the traffic that your advertising campaigns attract. The following sections will help you analyze your sessions and campaign data. Note that this data updates in real-time. If you just installed NS8, you might have to wait for new traffic to start visiting your website.

Suspicious Sessions

The Suspicious Sessions page shows an analysis of the traffic visiting your website. The Lowest Quality Campaigns page shows the advertising campaigns that are performing poorly.


Add monitoring contacts

It’s important to create monitoring contacts. Make sure that the right person or team is notified if your site experiences an outage or other performance issue.

If you have any questions or feedback, select Live support.