Download a report of your data

Export your reporting data from NS8.

We let you download data from several pages in the platform. This data is exported as a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file that you can open in Microsoft Excel. Or, as a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) file, a more advanced data format. Any downloaded files will reflect the data as it appears on the page. Therefore, make sure you configure your data correctly configure before you download it.

Prepare to download your data

Before you download any data, select and refine it. To do this, create a filter, adjust the date range, and then select the columns that you want.

Filter data

If there are any filters on the page that you don't want to impact your report, remove them before you download the data. To do this, select Delete.


To add or change filters, follow the steps in Create a filter.

Adjust the date range

Before you download your data, select the range of data that you want to download from the bar at the top of the page:


We recommend downloading data in increments no larger than six months to avoid issues with internet timeouts, especially if your business has a large amount of data. You can read more about adjusting date ranges for further clarification.

Customize columns

The Customize Columns menu allows you to add or remove data columns to a page view, which is useful for adding or removing information to your report prior to downloading the data.


For example, the columns containing campaign data (Campaign, Latest Campaign, First Campaign) are useful to add if you are researching the relationship between campaigns and orders. If you are researching fraud trends, you may want to add columns like our score to your view.

Download report data

Once you have configured the data to your liking, select Download and your browser will download the data to your device. Depending on your browser settings, the data file will most likely be saved to the Downloads folder on your computer.