NS8 User Guides

Downloading a Report of Your Data

How to export reporting data from NS8's applications.

Data is available for download in two formats from NS8's applications. Comma Seperated Values, commonly called CSV, is the most common format you will use. This format will open easily in data applications like spreadsheets and databases.
Java Script Object Notation, or JSON for short, is a more advanced data format that some users will want to take advantage of.

Preparing to Download Data

Before you download your data, you will want to select the data that you need. There are two important factors to decide upon first however: adjusting the date range, and selecting your desired columns.

If there are criteria filters on the screen that you don't want impacting your report data they will have to be removed before you download the data. This can be done by clicking the orange delete button as shown below.

Adjusting the Date Range

Before you download your data, make sure you select the range of data you want to download from the bar at the top of the screen:

We recommend downloading data in 6 month increments to avoid issues with internet timeouts, particularly as many businesses have large volumes of data.

You can read more about adjusting your date range here: Adjusting Date Ranges

Customizing Columns

This is used to add or remove data columns from your view prior to download, which is valuable to remove or add information to your report:

For example, the columns containing campaign data (campaign, last campaign, first campaign) and Device Type are useful to add if you are researching the relationship between campaigns and orders. If your researching fraud trends you may want to add columns like Score Bucket to your view.

You can read more on customizing columns here: Selecting the Columns

Downloading Report Data

Once you have selected the data to download, simply click the download button and your browser will download the data to your device. Unless you have custom preferences set up, the data file will save to your downloads folder.