How to navigate the dashboard.

Our dashboard is your NS8 homepage. It provides an overview of your storefront and lets you navigate to the various menus and functions in our platform.


Our dashboard has three main sections: The navigation bar, scoring cards, and monitor cards.

The navigation bar

The navigation bar contains several drop-down menus. These menus lead to other menus and settings. To return to the dashboard at any time, select Dashboard.


This section shows the status of a website's performance monitors, traffic score, suspicious sessions, and suspicious orders. Each card provides a score that lets you analyze your storefront.

Shows the current status of our five monitors. A score that is less than 100% means that one or more monitors are reporting a failure.

Shows the average score of your website’s traffic in the last 24 hours. You want a score above 700.

Shows the total number and percentage of suspicious sessions in the last 24 hours.

Shows the total number of suspicious orders in the last 24 hours.


This section provides information about the website's recent activity. This information includes the site's lowest-performing campaigns, suspicious orders, fraud indicators, and retargeting fraud.

Shows the advertising campaigns that brought in the lowest-quality traffic in the last 24 hours.

Shows the most recent orders categorized as Medium or High risk by NS8 in the last 24 hours.

Shows suspect activity and flagged indicators of fraud in the last 24 hours.

Shows the projected savings from preventing remarketed advertising for suspect users in the last 30 days.