Authorize your Google Analytics account

How to integrate NS8 with Google Analytics.

Authorizing your Google Analytics (GA) account with the NS8 platform lets you prevent low-scoring traffic from being added to your retargeting audience. This also prevents bots and other invalid traffic from draining your marketing budget. To view your estimated savings, on the dashboard, view Retargeting Fraud.

Before you authorize your GA account, configure it with your ecommerce platform. To do this, see your ecommerce platform’s documentation.

If you don’t have a GA account, set one up on the GA main page.

To open your GA account, from Settings/Support, select Settings.


Scroll down to Google Analytics Integration. If you have not authorized an account, the setting will look like the following image. You can link one GA account to one NS8 account at the same time. If you change your account, follow these steps to authorize the new account.


Select Click here to authorize.


If you're not signed in to your Google account, you’re prompted to sign in.


You’re prompted to confirm that we can access your GA account. To continue, select ALLOW.


Select the GA account that you want to link. In most cases, you will only have one account available. If you have several sites that you manage with the same GA account, select the one that you want to use. Select Accept.


The Google Analytics Integration setting appears as Active. The web property ID appears. You can confirm the property ID with your GA account.