Assign campaign referrers

Maximize the reporting value of your campaign referrers.

By default, NS8 assigns tracking information to your website traffic by parsing the UTM parameters in a URL. However, there are referrers and situations where you may not have UTM data available.

To manage traffic overrides, use the Campaign Referrers page. This will only apply to traffic after you save the new referrer information. It will not affect data that existed before these changes.

The Campaign Referrers page has two fields, the Referrer field and Campaign fields.



In the Referrer field, enter the URL that you want to assign to the campaign. All traffic from this domain will be referred under the identified campaign. For example, if you add as a referrer and a visitor is referred by or, the traffic will be assigned the campaign value that entered in the Campaign field.


In the Campaign field, enter a unique name for your campaign. This name should be descriptive and easy for you to identify. Make sure you don’t have a naming conflict with other campaign data. For example, if you have a campaign named Bluth Company being tracked by UTM data, avoid using Bluth Company as the name for a different referrer override. If the override is for a campaign that is similar or related to Bluth Company, use a different name to avoid confusion. For example, use Bluth Banana or Save Our Bluths.