Learn how we can help safeguard your business.

Secure your shop from order fraud, advertising fraud, and poor performance

We use industry-leading techniques like behavioral analytics, real-time user scoring, and global monitoring to identify bots and other malicious activity.

Our platform-based approach helps you reduce online threats fight the three biggest threats to revenue: order fraud, advertising fraud, and poor performance.

The following video demonstrates our platform for Shopify. We also have versions for Magento, PrestaShop, thirty bees, and WooCommerce. The features and functionality between these platforms are largely the same.

  • Defend your store against the rising threats posed by automated traffic and malicious users.
  • Prevent fraudulent traffic and transactions from stealing your store's resources.
  • Shield your store from multiple threats at the same time by using an integrated dashboard in your ecommerce platforms.

Revenue threat #1: Order fraud


For each dollar stolen by order fraud, you can lose another $3 to lost labor, lost productivity, and chargeback penalties.

We watch and score every visitor to your store. When we detect suspicious activity before, during, or after an order is placed, it's reflected in our score. An order with a low score is most likely fraudulent. Depending on how low the score is, the order is held or flagged for manual review.

When an order's score is low enough to be suspicious, but not low enough to cancel it, we provide the tools to escalate the order and request email and SMS text verification from the user. If the user verifies their phone number, you can process the order with confidence.

  • Benefit from the network of stores and websites already tagging fraudulent users and suspicious behavior by using NS8.
  • Reduce costly chargebacks and the risk they pose to your merchant account.
  • Reduce the labor dedicated to manual review and shipping lead times.
  • Set a custom threshold for suspicious orders and users.

Revenue threat #2: Advertising fraud


Advertising fraud can use up to 34% of your budget.

Advertising fraud (especially remarketing fraud) is a huge and growing issue. Up to 34% of online advertising campaign budgets are stolen using fraudulent traffic.

We score all the traffic that visits your store and detect and record the source of the traffic. You'll see when, and which, advertising sources are delivering low-quality, high-risk, and fraudulent traffic. By eliminating poorly performing ad campaigns, you can save money, increase revenue, and focus your budget on the successful campaigns that deliver results.

  • Compare scored campaigns for the presence of bot traffic and fraud.
  • Prevent bots and fraudulent users from being tagged for remarketing.
  • Integrate with Google Analytics to tag high-value users for more effective remarketing.
  • Track your store’s advertising savings from blocked fraudulent users.

Revenue threat #3: Poor performance


57% of human users will abandon a website within three seconds of facing any type of performance issue.

Our platform includes five critical monitors that every store should have. If an issue arises, you and your staff will receive text messages to warn you about potential or real problems.

  • Monitor your store’s technical performance. If your store becomes slow or unresponsive due to plugin conflicts or other changes, we'll notify you immediately.
  • Monitor your store’s global performance relative to other ecommerce stores.
  • Monitor your store’s encryption certificates. If it expires, users will be warned against using your service. We'll alert you before the certificate expires.
  • Monitor spam and malware blacklists for your store’s domain. If your store finds itself listed, maliciously or accidentally, we'll alert you and direct you toward a solution.