NS8 Status v2.0

NS8 Status

In v2 of NS8 Protect, we've worked to simplify the NS8 Status of orders so that merchants can quickly see what action they might want to take accordingly. This includes separating the status of the order (whether it has been approved, cancelled, or is waiting for your assessment) from the risk level (Low, Medium, High) to allow for more flexible rules creation and clearer manual review.


  • improved: Changed from five different states (Approved, Accept, Investigate, Cancel, Canceled) to three (Approved, Merchant Review, Cancelled).
  • added: NS8 Risk (Low, Medium, High) to provide better context about the order’s risk level in conjunction with Order Rules and the Settings (below).
  • fixed: (Magento Change) Orders can no longer be set to On Hold from the NS8 User interface, which avoids potential incompatibilities that might occur between NS8 and the order workflow.
  • fixed: (Shopify Change) NS8 Status and NS8 Risk now have no bearing on platform order risk, allowing a greater separation and clearer audit trail between the two different scores.